Did you know?

New Egypt was once named Timmons Mills? Kimmons Mills? (Mount and Salter)

In 1792, New Egypt was just called "Egypt"?

New Egypt was named Oakford for a short time in the middle 1800's?

New Egypt was part of Monmouth County until 1850 when Ocean County was formed? (Many early records are still found in the Monmouth County Courthouse)

That the Duchess of Windsor once summered here in New Egypt?

A crocodile fossil was found in Crosswicks Creek? (David Parris, NJ State Musuem)

New Egypt was the home of New Jersey's 16th governor, George F. Fort? (1851 - 1854)

The world's first cranberry sauce was made from cranberries grown here and processed? It was known as Bog Sweet Cranberry Sauce which later became Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce.

Charcoal was produced in Colliers Mills?

New Egypt had a movie theater, named Iris Theater, at one time?

New Egypt had a train station and train service?

Author Henry Beck states that New Egypt is the geographical center of New Jersey?

New Egypt had a water carnival on Oakford Lake every summer in the latter part of the 19th century and early part of the 20th century? (complete with floats, costumes and a Queen)

New Jersey's first Assemblyman, Lila W. Thompson, was born and lived in Plumsted Township and New Egypt?

New Egypt's early residents were Native Americans, living along the banks of Crosswicks Creek?

There is an area of Plumsted Township known as "Stone Hills" which sits 220 feet above sea level? (Elizabeth Miers Morgan)

New Egypt was once a popular summer resort?

That today's New Egypt Fire Company was founded in 1901?

The first Mormon sermon in what is now Ocean County, was preached in 1837 by Elder Benjamin Winchester in the schoolhouse in New Egypt? (Salter)

Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, visited New Egypt in 1840? (Salter)

Plumsted Township was the home of many basketmakers in the 19th and early 20th centuries?

New Egypt was home of the world's largest egg hatchery?

House to house mail service started November 1, 1956 in New Egypt? (New Egypt Press)

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